Several areas in Ubon Ratchathani flooded after three days of heavy rain


UBON RATCHATHANI, 25 July 2014  – Ubon Ratchathani has been hit with many instances of forest runoffs, and many parts of the province have become flooded on Thursday.

Districts that were experiencing floods included Warinchamrap, Samrong, Thung Si Udom, Det Udom, Nayia and Phibun Mungsahan. The flooding was caused by heavy raining over the past three days, brought on by a monsoon trough that was covering the upper part of the Northeastern region.

In Thung Si Udom district, the water level has already receded, only to reveal the extent of damage to farmlands and roads. Some locals in two sub-districts of Phibun Mangsahan were evacuated on Thursday. In Warinchamrap, many roads have become inundated after a large amount of water flowed into the area from Sisaket province.

The water level of Mun River reportedly rose by 85 centimeters from Wednesday. The water height was 1.25 meters from overflowing the riverbanks.