Senate President confident in his evidence against impeachment by NACC


BANGKOK, 20 Mar 2014  Senate Speaker Nikom Wairatchapanitch says he is confident in his evidence against impeachment efforts by the National Anti Corruption Commission (NACC) which is reported to wrap up his case involving last year’s Senate Origin Bill amendment today. 

He said the NACC has so far listened to testimonies by 3 out of the 16 witnesses he has proposed. He however did not mind the NACC was leaving out the remaining witnesses.

Mr. Nikom and former House Speaker Somsak Kiatsuranond are facing impeachment for their action allegedly intended to obstruct speeches of 57 Members of Parliament during the parliament session, which unfairly favored those who supported the amendment to the controversial bill.

Mr. Nikhom said he has requested 12 Democrat MPs to testify on the claim, but the NACC stated the witnesses are minor and deemed their testimonies unnecessary.

Mr. Nikom is confident that his evidence and witnesses hold enough weight to support his innocence, but firmly stating he would accept the NACC’s decision.