Senate calls on Govt to partake in national reformation


BANGKOK, 16 May 2014  – The Senate has encouraged the government to cooperate in solving political problems and finding a new Prime Minister who has full authority to administer the country.

After days of discussions with various sides about possible exit strategies for Thai politics, Deputy Senate Speaker Surachai Liengboonlertchai today issued an official statement, urging the government to help tackle the political problems by allowing reformation to take place in all aspects. He stressed that there must be a new Prime Minister and Cabinet members who had full power to run the country while hoping to receive more concrete cooperation from the current interim Cabinet without any conditions set.

Mr Surachai said the Senate would take into account all the suggestions collected so far in its decision making. He also hinted that, if necessary, the Senate might have to convene a special meeting to find the new premier based on principles of constitutional monarchy and democracy.

Meanwhile, Mr Surachai explained that the Senate needed to step in as the Election Commission and the government had not been able to settle their disagreement over issues surrounding the upcoming general election. With such political uncertainty, he said the Senate could not remain idle.

The Deputy Senate Speaker revealed that all sides participating in the recent talks shared the same view that urgent actions were needed as economic and social impacts would be substantial if the political crisis was left unattended.