Selection of the National Reform Assembly will be completed by October


BANGKOK, 18 August 2014 -The Election Commission secretary-general Puchong Nutrawong reaffirmed that that the selection of nominees to sit in the National Reform Assembly (NRC) has been done with transparency. 

The National Reform Assembly selection committee follows processes and the nominees will have to go through a qualifications test by the committee. The EC which acts as a secretariat office for the NRC selection committee will take 10 days to screen the qualifications of all the nominees, 50 each in 11 respects, to propose names to the selection committee to be members of the NRC.

265 nominees have been proposed nationwide. There are 94 nominees by organizations and 171 nominees from 77 provinces. There are 20 days to propose names for the selection process by the NRC selection committee, seeking suitable nominees to sit in the 250-member NRC. The committee will submit the names to the 11 selection groups of committees with 50 names from each group and 5 names from each province and will propose to the NCPO to screen the 935 names to reach the final 250 NRC members. The NRC selection members process should be completed by 2nd October,2014.