SBPPO to revise security measures after a series of blasts rock Yala


YALA, 7 April 2014 —The Southern Border Provinces Police Operation Center (SBPPO) has issued orders to revise its security measures after a series of explosions.

SBPPO chief Pol Maj-General Yongyuth Jaroenphanich visited the Sri Samai warehouse on Siroros Road, in Yala’s Muang district where a bomb exploded today. The blast and fire took fire fighters more than three hours to control.

Police officers have been enforcing security measures for the past two years during which no such explosions have occurred. However, the officers now have to revise existing measures and carry out more active control.

The insurgents are believed to be the same group who planted destructive explosions the day before. They aim to hurt Chinese-Thais and Buddhists who control much of the economy in the area. He added, that evidence from camera surveillance is being compiled to find the insurgents.