Religious Affairs Dept rolls out plans to strengthen unity


BANGKOK, 18 June 2014  – The Department of Religious Affairs is set to implement a three-stage plan to bring out harmony in the country.

The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has recently set up the Reconciliation and Reform Committee and a preparation committee for reform that is tasked with bringing national reform to return happiness to the Thai people. All ministries and agencies have been urged to cooperate in resolving past conflicts among Thai people.

The department is coordinating with local units in each province to apply the teachings of Lord Buddha to their operations and to urge residents to follow Lord Buddha’s philosophy in their daily lives.

The three-stage plan includes promoting the increasing role of all five religious organizations, developing a social mechanism that highlights traditional values, and developing a system that would follow-up on the progress of the reconciliation program.

The Sheikhul Islam Office will also ask Muslim religious leaders to focus on national unity when they deliver their sermon on Fridays while Christian organizations will host prayer sessions with an emphasis on love, compassion, and harmony.