Reform forums to be held nationwide during Jun 16-Jul 2


BANGKOK, 9 June 2014 – Acting Permanent Secretary for the Prime Minister’s Office ML Pannada Diskul has ordered the opening of reform forums across Thailand at the provincial and local levels from June 16 to July 2 in a bid to collect useful opinions. 

The Office of the Prime Minister has been assigned by ML Panadda to speed up the creation of understanding with supporters of all protest groups to instill unity among them. In parallel, nationwide discussions on reformation have been scheduled for June 16-July 2, with an aim to give citizens an opportunity to state their needs and brainstorm constructive ideas.

All the information collected will be considered by the National Council for Peace and Order, particularly in the process of setting up a new Legislative Assembly and a reform council. The talks will reportedly involve the provincial governor and heads of government units at the provincial level while officials from the tambon and provincial administrative organizations, municipal staff and the general public will be engaged at the local level.

In addition, representatives of the Prime Minister’s Office will be making provincial visits to follow up on each province’s progress in tackling corruption, use of the allocated budget and promotion of royally-initiated projects.