Questionable care at Banglamung Hospital


Ms. Methinee Khotabin a 17 year old employee at Big C South Pattaya made a complaint to Councilor Sanit Bunmaachai on the 12th of December that she was not happy with the treatment she received at Banglamung hospital after breaking her leg in an accident.

She stated that she was driving home from work on her motorbike when she was involved in an accident that left her with many injuries.

She was taken to Banglamung Hospital, the doctors performed x-rays and put on a soft cast on her leg informing her that she can return home within 2-3 days and that if she does not get better, she can return for further treatment.

Seeing that her leg was broken, she wanted to stay behind or be transferred to Chonburi Hospital but her doctor informed that she will need to use her own mode of transportation and in her paperwork the doctor noted down the wrong leg that had been injured.

Councilor Bunmaachai contacted the hospital however that was on the 12th which is a holiday so he could get no answers to his questions, however he stated that he had received many similar complains and that he would endeavor to get to the bottom of this.