Princess Srirasm follows up on project to promote breastfeeding in rural communities


Princess Srirasm follows up on project to promote breastfeeding TRANG, 20 February 2014  Her Royal Highness Princess Srirasm, Princess Consort to HRH the Crown Prince, on Wednesday (Feb 19) visited a Community Health Promotion Hospital in Tambon Bang Sak, Kantang District, Trang Province to follow up on a breastfeeding project that Her Royal Highness has been supporting in community hospitals nationwide. 

Under the royal initiative, breast feeding is encouraged in a bid to promote the bond of love in the family institution.

The Tambon Bang Sak’s Community Health Promotion Hospital has been included in the royally initiated network of Breastfeeding Communities for Love Bonds in the Families since 2011. The hospital has served as the prototype center for other hospitals in Kantang and nearby districts to follow suit. The concept behind the project is to change the attitude of mothers towards breastfeeding, making them realize that mother’s milk is not only essential food for infants but also a foundation from which life is developed.

During the visit, Her Royal Highness also observed various activities that the hospital is promoting to bring empowerment to the community such as the formation of an elderly’s club, a fishery group, a village bank, and a group producing organic fertilizers. As a result of the breastfeeding promotion project, the number of mothers breastfeeding their babies for up to six months after giving birth increased from 37% to 71% last year. The Princess also visited mothers who are members of the breastfeeding network at their houses.