Praekkasa Model to be drafted to manage garbage disposal


SAMUT PRAKAN, 8 July 2014 – A network against Preakkasa Landfill in Samut Prakan has called for shutting down of the garbage plant out of fear of its negative effects to food chains and local people’s health. 

Yesterday, academics and residents of Praekkasa community met to exchange ideas and discuss possible approaches to establish ‘Preakkasa Model’, a strategy designed to prevent the Preakkasa fire incidents and better manage Thailand’s garbage disposal.

Mr. Suchart Narknok, President of the Network against Praekkasa Landfill, stated those residing near the pit are still suffering from stench, dust and toxic chemicals that were drained into waterways by water used in putting out the blaze. These chemicals had contaminated waterways and soil, affecting the ecosystem and food-chains including fish that locals caught from waterways. The situation also exposed cancer inducing environment.

Mr. Suchart thus urged responsible agencies to permanently shut down the landfill and urgently restore the area’s ecosystem.

A Chulalongkorn University Environmental Engineering lecturer stated that related officials must ensure the quality of life for those living near the landfill. He suggested measures be drawn up to prevent the landfill from extending by, for example, burying or incinerating the trash.