Police told to step up suppression against dark influence and hire gunmen


BANGKOK, 25 July 2014) – The Royal Thai Police will focus its energy on eliminating dangerous influential figures and hire gunmen.

The policy was handed down by Deputy Police Commissioner General, Police General Ake Angsananont, who instructed his subordinates to step up their efforts in dealing with the said individuals including extortionist gangs.

He appointed Police Lieutenant General Jakthip Chaijinda as the director of the suppression unit, and Pol Maj-Gen Chaiwat Ketworachai as chief investigator on the matter.

Police General Ake explained that the suppression unit would keep a watch list of potentially dangerous people and monitor their actions.

The Deputy Commissioner General also urged the public to call the 1599 hotline to report on crimes or information related to these individuals, while promising to protect the identity of those cooperating with the officials.