Police have started to move in towards protesters on Phitsanulok Road


BANGKOK, 18 February 2014 Police have today started to move in towards protesters who are located on Phitsanulok Road in an attempt to take back the seized protesting sites. 

The police’s public relations unit has started their negotiations with the protesters and have warned them to disperse and leave Phitsanulok Road, as their occupation of the site is in violation of the current emergency decree.

Police have ordered the protesters to leave the area spreading from Misakawan Intersection all the way to Chamai Maruchet Bridge. In response, a group of protesters jeered at the police and blocked the intersection with barbed wires and sandbags.

Traffic around the area was reported to be relatively congested due to the closure and blockades made by parked garbage trucks and buses along Ratchadamnoen Road and the roads surrounding the Ministry of Interior.