Police Commissioner General implies lifting Emergency Decree before Mar 23rd


BANGKOK, 11 Mar 2014 — Commissioner-General of the Royal Thai Police, Police General Adul Sangsingkaew has implied that the Emergency Decree may be lifted before its expiry date on March 23rd, and that the police are capable of dealing with the current anti-government protests. 

Speaking to newsmen, Police General Adul said a meeting of officials concerned is necessary to assess the situation before the decree is lifted. He indicated that the Internal Security Act is likely to be brought back as a tool for the police to ensure orderliness in the country.

He went on to explain that the imposition of the Emergency Decree is to protect government officials from potential threats when performing their duties. However, the current situation no longer warrant the decree, and a less powerful law like Internal Security Act should be enough to protect police officials in action.

Police General Adul also gave his assessment on the current political gathering in Bangkok, saying the Royal Thai Police has everything under control while reassuring the public that the agency has stringent strategies to deal with various cases of emergency.