Pneumonia claims at least 521 lives in Thailand so far this year


BANGKOK, 11 August 2014  – Over 100,000 cases of pneumonia have been reported in Thailand this year as more respiratory diseases associated with rainy season are being detected. 

The Public Health Ministry said the monsoon season increases the exposure to various bacterial and viral infections, causing more people to become vulnerable to diseases and fall ill. Pneumonia is the leading killer of all contagious diseases during this period, where at least 521 people have died this year from January 1st to July 21st, 2014.

The disease is commonly found among elderly people and children aged 5 and lower due to their weak immune system. For this reason, the ministry has instructed provincial health offices to closely monitor the situation, as germs that cause pneumonia are usually found in the mouth and nose of the infected person.

The germs can be transmitted easily to another person, either through the air or by touching a contaminated surface. Those who contracted influenza during this period are also advised to rest at home to prevent the spread of the disease.