PM opposes movement to form separate state


BANGKOK, 3 March 2014 Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has affirmed that her administration is opposed to the reportedly rising movement to form a northern state, separate from the kingdom. 

She insisted that her mission is to unite Thailand and expressed her belief that by reinforcing equality and fairness in society, the kingdom will stay united.

Recently, elements in the North have conducted activities under the name of Sor Por Por Lanna or the Lanna People’s Democratic Republic. The army has deemed their activities illegal and inappropriate in the present circumstances.

When asked to comment on the topic, Ms Yingluck said she is personally doubtful whether the movement to carve a state out Thai territory exists but will instruct relevant agencies to look into the matter.

The premier added that any political or national crisis, including the current turmoil in the Far South, can be solved through talks and negotiations.