Phrae locals cool off from summer heat at the “Natural Air Cave”


PHRAE, 25 April 2014  – Locals at the Wiang Ta subdistrict in Phrae Province have found a creative way to cool off from the blistering summer heat in Thailand.

Reports from the Government Public Relations Department (PRD) say that as the weather around Thailand has been scorching hot these days, many rural communities across the nation have to find alternative means to avoid the heat since they can’t afford an air-conditioner.

A PRD office in Phrae reported that locals in Wiang Ta subdistrict have gathered to absorb the cool breeze at the “Natural Air Cave”, which is located on the Wiang Ta – Thung Khaeo Road. The cave’s entrance acts as a vent for cool air from the cave to flow out to the area.

Farmers in the province and those in close vicinity have come together to take a seat near the cave’s entrance which leads to a hall where several Buddha Images are also enshrined. Atop the cave, there is a big gap that allows cool winds from the mountain peak to flow down to the tunnel. The report said the cave’s cool temperature makes visitors feel as if they were sitting in an air-conditioned room.