Phitsanulok promotes peace and unity in the province


PHITSANULOK 12 June 2014  — Phitsanulok officials are moving forward with providing a reconciliation center for locals — stressing that everyone must come together in unity in order for the country to move forward.

Governor of Phitsanulok Rapee Phongboopakit chaired a meeting with local officials in regard to promoting peace and unity among its citizens. Moreover, they have plans in pushing for a reconciliation center to be built in order to foster cooperation and togetherness in the province.

Local officials in Phisanulok have been working hard to promote peace and unity in the province; locals and public officials have been urged to be more cooperative towards one another.

Social divide and color difference have been discouraged. Officials have also said they would uphold the 3 main pillars of the Thai society: the nation, the religion, and the monarchy.