Pheu Thai to file complaint with DSI against Suthep


BANGKOK, 8 April 2014  -A Pheu Thai Spokesman Prompong Nopparit has requested the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) prosecute Suthep Thaugsuaban, the leader of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) on charges of insurrection. 

At the Narcotics Suppression Bureau this morning, the Pheu Thai Spokesman gave a CD recording Mr. Suthep’s public speech to the DSI Chief Thrait Pengdit. Prompong claimed that according to the speech, Mr. Suthep had shown the intention to allow people to gain sovereign power, so that they could exercise their right to designate a new prime minister and a cabinet.

Because of this, the Pheu Thai Spokesman claimed that the PDRC leader had violated Section 113 of the Criminal Code.

Prompong also added that according to the 2007 Constitution, a prime minister can only be appointed through the House of Representatives. However, Mr. Suthep hasn’t followed those procedures, and therefore, he is a traitor to the country. He also accused the PDRC leader of conspiring with others in an attempt to stage a coup to overthrow the current government. At this point, the Pheu Thai Spokesman will pay a visit to the Constitutional Court so that they can put Mr. Suthep on trial.