Pheu Thai rejects EC’s request, calling it illegal and may lead to election nullification


BANGKOK, 23 February 2014, -The Pheu Thai Party has turned down the Election Commission (EC)’s request for the government to issues a royal decree for another election date, saying an official letter has already been sent out to inform the EC that it would be illegal to do so which may lead to nullification of the already completed elections in trouble-free constituencies.

Pheu Thai Party spokesman, Prompong Nopparit, said such a move would put the government in a difficult position as it would mean overlapping of elections and the Prime Minister would be held responsible. This could lead to nullification of the elections that had already been completed in many constituencies except for the 28 troubled ones in the South. The Pheu Thai Party would also be at risk of being dissolved from such a proposal.

Therefore, it is the EC’s responsibility to carry out and complete the elections within the deadline stated by the law. Otherwise, other political parties may file lawsuits against the EC for failing to protect the rights of candidates and voters. Mr. Prompong also stated that the EC did not have grounds to request for an interpretation of Section 214 from the Constitutional Court.

In response to Election Commissioner Mr. Somchai Srisuthiyakorn’s invitation for the 4 coalition parties to join a discussion panel in order to find solution to the incomplete elections in 28 constituencies with Songkla EC officials on March 7, Mr. Prompong stated that it was just a political game, which might lead to confrontation and instigate more conflicts. Phue Thai Party leader, Jarupong Ruangsuwan, is definitely not joining the event.