Pheu Thai Party would be returned to power if election held today: ABAC Poll


BANGKOK, Sept 8 – Nearly half of the poll respondents said they would still vote for the ruling Pheu Thai Party if a new election were to be held today, according to the latest poll by Assumption University.

ABAC Poll Director Noppadon Kannika said the poll on the popularity of political parties was conducted among 2,119 persons in 17 provinces countryside between August 30 and September 7.

If the election were held today, 44.6 per cent of the respondents said they would still vote for the ruling party, while only 22.9 per cent would vote for the opposition Democrat Party.

Mr Noppadon said the majority of respondents, 83.7 per cent, said they still have faith in democracy despite the negative image of some politicians. 48.9 per cent said they acknowledge the inappropriate behaviour of some Opposition lawmakers in Parliament.

More than half, 53.9 per cent, said they did not feel that any political party has demonstrated true patriotism and concern for the protection of the public interest.

The most concerning issue is that nearly two-thirds, 61.2 per cent, believe that no political party really understands or shares any of the hardship that people in rural areas are facing.

Dr Noppadon noted that the improvement of politicians’ images and behaviour is crucial for the country and political reform as the people cannot feel that their politicians have really worked for the benefit of the country. Instead, they have perceived only the inappropriate behaviour, so bad that politicians are not good models for Thailand’s children and youth.