People urged to adopt sufficiency-economy theory to daily life


BANGKOK, 12 March 2012 – Chaipattana Foundation Secretary-General Sumet Tantivejkul has urged the Thai people to adopt His Majesty the King’s sufficiency economy theory to their daily life to solve corruption problem in the nation. 

During the 84th Anniversary of His Majesty the King exhibition, Dr Sumet said that His Majesty’s sufficiency philosophy places an emphasis on living with content and spending just on what is necessary. The philosophy also teaches people to be knowledgeable, righteous, and to have no greed.

If all people adopt His Majesty’s sufficiency theory, Mr Sumet believes that the nation will have peace and not suffer from corruption problems. He also cited as an example the Tom Yum Kung Crisis that brought Thailand to its knees over 10 years ago that it was caused by people spending and living beyond their means and materialism.

The 84th Anniversary of His Majesty the King exhibition is being held at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center from March 8-12 to honor His Majesty the King for his dedications to the development of Thailand.