PDRC: Government barred from holding cabinet meeting on military premises


BANGKOK, 3 February 2014  The situation at the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Muang Thong Thani, was tense as the PDRC protesters continued to close the entrance and exit even after the cabinet meeting had been adjourned. 

Police Major General Phanupon Bannakitsophon, security chief of staff, asked the demonstrators to open the gates so that officials could leave the building. The leaders agreed to comply with the request provided that the cabinet would never again use the premises as a cabinet meeting venue, adding that cabinet meetings were to be held only at the Government Complex or the Center for Maintaining of Peace and Order .

According to the protesters, they will be back to the Defense Secretary Office again whenever they learn of the government planning to hold a cabinet at the Office again.

Colonel Kamjorn Charitpan, however, confirmed that all the cabinet members had left the place and that military officers would accompany the protesters to the expressway entrance for fear that the latter might be harmed by a third party.