PDC unveils Thailand’s reformation roadmap


BANGKOK, 6 June 2014  – The Political Development Council (PDC) has suggested a reformation roadmap for the country to move forward.

PDC Chairman Teerapat Serirangsan has suggested guidelines to prepare the nation for the reformation process and has shown full support in cooperating along the policies of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO).

The reformation process includes two phases. The first phase involves staging public speeches to educate the people and to create a people’s council across 77 provinces in order to achieve four main objectives:

1. Create understanding among people on democratic governance under the system with HM the King as head of state.

2. Stage public speeches and arrange activities to lower the level of conflict and boost the level of unity within the nation.

3. Raise the public’s political awareness so that people fully understand their duties, roles, and responsibilities of being a good citizen.

4. Establishing a people’s council in each province for discussions to take place. The talks would focus on improving many areas such as the economy, social norms, and tackling corruption problems.

The guideline will be forwarded to the NCPO. Once approved, the first phase could be implemented by the end of this fiscal budget year.

The second phase is under the process of being reviewed based on careful consideration. However, it would mainly focus on reforming the people’s education and morality, solve corruption issues, and narrow the social inequality gap. The implementation process of the PDC’s suggested guideline would cost approximately 298 million baht.