Open-billed storks lay eggs for first time in Buriram


BANGKOK, 22 January 2014 Over 1,000 open-billed storks, also known as Asian openbills, that migrate to Buriram every winter have laid eggs for the first time in history of the province, while more than 150 other alien species have also been spotted in the area. 

At least 200 egg nests belonging to open-billed storks have been reported near a reservoir in Prakhon Chai District of Buriram. Officials said the birds have migrated to the area to feed and nest during the unusually cold season, adding that it was the first time in history that the birds had laid eggs in the province.

According to the officials, the area is a wetland abundant with food for the birds and protected from human threats. Usually the only place in Thailand that open-billed storks will lay eggs is Pathum Thani Province.

The Buriram Provincial Administration has therefore invited locals and tourists as well as students to come and see the birds. Apart from the open-billed storks, more than 150 other species have also been spotted in the area, including rare and endangered species like painted storks, lesser adjutant storks, oriental darters or snakebirds, little cormorants, and black-crowned night herons.