Officials continue their drugs eradicating campaign


CHACHEONGSAO, 13 June 2014,  – Officials in Chachoengsao Province yesterday conducted a raid on a residence after being informed that the venue was a major drug distributing hub and a favorite hangout of drug addicts.

Military, anti-narcotics police and Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) officers, as well as an airborne unit were deployed during the raid in the middle of Muang District.

The joint task force was able to arrest 9 suspects, confiscating methamphetamine tablets, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and weapons.

The raid on the venue proved to be a difficult task for the narcotics suppression units, as the site has several exits and a labyrinth of alleyways.

The locals welcomed the eradication campaign, expressing their gratitude to the officials for conducting the operation, and the National Council for Peace and Order for being serious about addressing the chronic drug problems.