Officials continue efforts to eliminate gambling and extortion


BANGKOK, 13 June 2014,  -The Deputy Commissioner General, Police General Ake Angsananont has reported that the police have apprehended several extortionists illegally working for loan sharks, collecting debts from desperate financially troubled citizens. 

The police campaign came as a result of an instruction from the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) that forbids money lenders from charging unfair interest rates and making threats to rice growers and various other residents who owe them money. Police had received several complaints about the matter.

He said officials have arrested 23 suspects, while seizing several bank accounts, financial statements, client lists, 17 motorbikes and two cars during the operation.

Police General Ake also touched on the policy of the Royal Thai Police and the NCPO on gambling eradication, saying that operations such as the recent swoops on premises housing gambling machines in Bang Khen and Nong Chok districts in Bangkok would continue. He stressed that the owners of the equipment are subjected to punishment by law regardless of whether they are operating a casino.