NSC’s Paradon to propose lifting Emergency Decree this week


BANGKOK, 10 Mar 2014 — Lt. Gen. Paradon Pattanathabutr, Secretary of the National Security Council (NSC), has revealed that he will propose the lifting of the Emergency Decree in Bangkok and its vicinity this week. 

The comment came during his interview with local media Spring News, during which he said the procedure would have to be carried out under the legal framework set by the Civil Court, and that it would take at least a couple of days to finalize it. The NSC would also discuss with the Center for Maintaining Peace and Order to determine whether to replace the emergency decree with the Internal Security Act before proposing the idea to the cabinet and the Prime Minister for consideration.

The NSC’s Secretary General expects the decree to be lifted within this week.

As for the prospect of handing back his position to Mr. Tawil Pleinsri, Paradon said Tawil would have to decide if he wants the job back and the government would be responsible for the reinstatement details.