NSC Secretary General confident ISA will be able to control protesters


BANGKOK 18 March 2014 — NSC Secretary General Lieutenant General Paradon Patanatabutr is confident that the Internal Security Act (ISA) will be able to control the ongoing protesters.

Lt. Gen. Paradon, in his capacity as Secretary of the Center for Maintaining Peace and Order (CMPO), expressed his confidence that it would be easier under the ISA to apprehend protest core leaders wanted under arrest warrants — adding that the government has no plan at the moment to expand the areas covered by the ISA.

Lt. Gen. Paradon said he would propose in the Cabinet meeting today that it revoke the current Emergency Decree and revert to using the ISA, as it would be more effective in apprehending the core leaders of the protests.

Concerning the areas to be covered under the ISA, Lt. Gen. Paradon stated that they would consist of locations already under the current Emergency Decree, and that no other areas would be added.

The CMPO Secretary added that police have not disregarded the case of separatism in the country, and have been working hard investigating the case.