NSC: CAPO’s meeting tomorrow is to ensure civil service sector’s compliance


BANGKOK, 16 April 2014  – Secretary General of the National Security Council Paradon Patttanathabutr stated that the planned meeting of the Center for the Administration of Peace and Order, or CAPO, tomorrow is set to streamline roles of government units to suit the current situation. 

CAPO has invited Permanent Secretaries of all ministries to a meeting on 17 April, for an exchange of views that will help ensure the latter’s compliance with CAPO’s stance in the ongoing political tension. The NSC Sec-Gen said the meeting would keep those heads of government units updated with the situation in order for them to act in accordance with CAPO guidelines.

As for any permanent secretaries who could not attend the meeting, Lt-Gen Paradorn said their absence would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, saying however that resolutions of the meeting would be forwarded to them. Paradon stressed those who act in opposition to the new resolutions must hold responsibility for their actions.

Lt-Gen Paradon also mentioned CAPO has not so far bound any high-ranking officials who did not comply with CAPO to legal actions although it has the right to do so under the Internal Security Act.