NSC asks BRN for clarifications on 5 proposals


BANGKOK, 26 August 2013 The National Security Council (NSC) has sent a request to the Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN) to provide clarifications on its 5 demands while the Thai government has insisted that it will have to carefully study the demands before making any decisions. 

NSC Secretary-General Paradorn Pattanatabut disclosed that he has sent a request to the BRN militant group for explanations on its 5 proposals made earlier via the video-sharing website YouTube. Lieutenant General Paradorn also expressed his confidence that the peace dialogue between Thailand and the BRN will continue as both sides share the same goal of restoring peace in the Deep South, adding that if there is to be another meeting, it will be held in September.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Pracha Promnok said in order to find peace in the violence-torn region, the peace dialogue must be carried on, while affirming that the Thai side will cautiously study the BRN’s 5 demands before making any moves, if the demands are officially proposed. He, however, noted that all decisions must be made under the Constitution of Thailand and adhere to laws and regulations.

In its proposals, the BRN calls for the Thai government to recognize the identity, race and language of the Melayu people, to withdraw its troops from the restive region, to let local security forces take over peacekeeping duties, and to offer amnesty to insurgents.