Northern people warned of another cold spell approaching this week


LAMPANG, Jan 5 – Residents in Thailand’s northern region have been warned to prepare for another cold spell this week as temperature had been warming recently.

Lampang meteorological station chief Thiva Phanmaisi said the temperature in the province has risen 1-3 degrees after the New Year period with average temperature in the city around 15-17 degree Celsius and 7-9 degree Celsius for mountaintops.

However, he said a new high pressure system from China will prevail over the North of Thailand between Jan 9-11, resulting in renewed cold to a very cold weather in the region with patches of thick morning fogs.

The temperature at night is expected to drop by 2 to 4 degree Celsius and frost is likely to appear in some areas.

The Lower Northeast meteorological centre in Ubon Ratchthani province also reported that cold weather will continue in the region and the temperature will drop further by 1 to 2 degree Celsius.

Ubon Ratchathani disaster prevention and mitigation official Kanchit Kongsomkong said about 45,000 relief packages for the cold spell have been distributed to local residents in 16 districts. The office is also seeking an additional Bt32 million of budget to procure more aid kits for the entire cold-affected population of 300,000 people.