NLA might select PM in similar method as its predecessor


BANGKOK, 18 August 2014 – The present National Legislative Assembly (NLA) has asked its members to study regulations of the 2006 NLA especially those concerning the prime minister selection so that the new premier is appointed soon. 

The NLA committee responsible for drafting meeting regulations on Monday was chaired by 2nd Vice President Phirasak Phochit. He said during the meeting that the regulations which were being drafted by the panel including those on the numbers of ad hoc committees and subcommittees the NLA could have as well as the number of committees each NLA member was allowed to take part in.

The committee was required to finish drafting the NLA meeting regulations within 15 days, said the vice president. As for the prime minister selection, Mr Phirasak suggested that the present NLA members study the rules and procedures the 2006 NLA had used to select the PM if the meeting regulations were not approved in time.