New measures to reduce gun crimes


With gun crime on the rise and in the news on a daily basis, Pol. Col. Somnuk Chanket addressed the public at Larn Pho gardens Naklua regarding new measures put in place to protect the civilians.

He also briefed a task force of two hundred officers and volunteers to deal specifically with this.

Col. Somnuk said the current general election will undoubtedly see a rise of physical attacks as opposing parties will be campaigning, this coupled with petty crime, human trafficking, the sex trade, car and motorbike hijacking, drugs, gambling that it is time for the police to reinforce its strategies.

Pol. Col. Somnuk Chanket addresses his menPol. Col. Somnuk Chanket addresses his men

Police and volunteers were instructed on best how to protect themselves and it was stressed that they should not have any sympathy with any particular party and that their job was to protect the civilians, however given the bad press that civil volunteers have had recently, routinely taking matters into their own hands, its unlikely that the Colonels words will be taken seriously by some.

New measures to reduce gun crimes