New govt to be set up August or September


BANGKOK, June 13 — An interim government is expected to be set up in late August or early September at the latest, said Army Commander-in-Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, leader of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), early Friday.

Gen Prayuth said appointment of a new prime minister could be complete by September while urgent matters which have to be carried out now are to build reconciliation among those having political differences and establishing a reform council to be used for submitting opinions.

He spoke while presiding over preparations of budget expenditures for state agencies during Fiscal 2015, starting October 1.

Gen Prayuth explained that the annual reshuffle of civil servants and the military officers, to be announced by September 30, would see that those who have conflicts with others will have to be transferred elsewhere.

He reiterated that those who have performed their duties transparently should not be afraid because the NCPO would exercise power only when necessary with the country’s benefit first.

Meanwhile, reliable sources said First Army Region commander Lt Gen Theerachai Nakwanich may propose in writing to Gen Prayuth later today lifting the curfew in the rest of provinces, including capital Bangkok.

The curfew is now imposed between midnight to 4am in most of the country, after being imposed following the May 22 bloodless coup.

Curfew is to be lifted as military and police officers determined that normalcy has returned to Thailand and that it should be lifted in order to also boost tourism.