New elections for 28 disrupted constituencies on April 27


BANGKOK, Feb 12 – The Election Commission (EC) has set April 20 and 27 for new elections in constituencies where the Feb 2 general election was unsuccessful.

EC secretary general Puchong Nutrawong said advance elections in polling stations which were disrupted on Jan 26 would be held on April 20, while new elections will be held on April 27 in 21 provinces which were disrupted on Feb 2.

He said ballots for the Feb 2 election which were not used after protesters seized three post offices in the South would be destroyed, and replaced by newly-printed ones.

Ballots were delivered to provincial post offices to be distributed to polling constituencies on election day.

He said the Constitution calls for Parliament to convene its opening session within 30 days after a general election but there is no punishment if it could not be held as scheduled.

Mr Puchong said the EC wanted to organise new elections as soon as possible but it was told by poll officials that southern constituencies have encountered many problems that have yet to be solved.

“By April 20 and 27, the situation should improve to a certain level,” he said.

An informed source said the EC chairman will submit a two-page letter to caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, asking her to issue a royal decree to call for new elections in 28 constituencies.