NCPO spokesman urges Thais to be cooperative


BANGKOK, 1 June 2014  – The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has urged Thai people to cooperate with the NCPO and considered the benefits for all, said the spokesman Col Winthai Suwaree.

Protesters against the seizure of power are urged to comply with the orders and announcements of the NCPO, because if they continue to violate them, the laws will be enforced more strictly. The demonstrators fall into two categories: those who do not really understand the facts, and others who oppose the officials intentionally. Meanwhile, he is convinced that the majority of Thais are ready to make sacrifices for peace and order in society, and cooperate with the officials.

Besides, he denied the online posts of Luang Pu Buddha Isara, one of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) leaders. In a statement on the military’s TV Channel 5 the spokesman claimed such action is making the public confused and is in violation of the law. The legal team has been instructed to find the on-line poster to be charged under the law.