NCPO: Absent invitation to US reception ‘understandable’


BANGKOK, July 4 — Thailand’s National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) expressed understanding as the military junta was not invited by the US Embassy to the United States Independence day reception on Thursday.

Regarding the celebration of the 238th Independence Anniversary of the United States to which the NCPO was not invited, NCPO Spokesman Col Winthai Suvaree saidPeace and Order Councl understood the US decision as each country has its rules of conduct which they must follow and be aware of, especially in formal gatherings.

Col Winthai said previous official meetings between the US Embassy and the Royal Thai Army have been conducted at appropriate levels, adding that Thailand still carries out most of the defense cooperation programs with the US, Australia and European countries as usual.

The US Embassy invited guests of all sectors, including political figures, senior government and independent bodies’ officials, business operators, academics, activists and journalists, to celebrate the 238th Independence Anniversary of the United States at a reception held at the Conrad Hotel in Bangkok on Thursday evening.