Nakhon Sawan dispatches army officers to prevent local unrest


NAKHON SAWAN, 2 June 2014 – Troops have been deployed in Nakhon Sawan province to prevent unrest and any unwanted violence that may break out within the community.

Commander of the 31st Military Circle Maj. Gen. Pichet Sukphongpisit, along with Nakhon Sawan Governor Chairoj Meedaeng, presided over the ceremony of dispatching law enforcement officials to maintain peace and order in the province.

Army soldiers, police officers, and volunteer civilians were ordered to keep a vigilant watch over the community. The objective of the surveillance is to prevent unwanted violence in the province and to maintain peace and order within the local community.

Moreover, dispatched officials are set to crackdown on suspected drug tracking zones, gambling dens, and any anti-coup protest rallies or uprising from the locals. As of now, the situation has been normal so far.