NACC makes suggestions regarding purchase of NGV buses


BANGKOK, 29 April 2014,  – Lt. Sunisa Lertpakkawat Deputy Spokesperson of the Office of the Prime Minister has revealed that the National Anti Corruption Commission (NACC) has submitted several suggestions regarding the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA)’s plan to purchase 3,183 additional NGV buses.

According to Lt. Sunisa, the cabinet will consider the NACC’s proposals which are significantly different from the BMTA’s purchasing plan, adding however that the current administration, being an interim government, doesn’t have the authority to approve the purchase. Nonetheless the cabinet has appointed Transport Minister Chadchart Sittipunt to explain to the NACC which aspects of the recommendations can or cannot be implemented.

Mr. Chadchart meanwhile said that his ministry has closely monitored the project, frequently making appropriate adjustments to the purchasing plan.

The NACC has proposed that the purchase deal be opened up for auction instead of being an exclusive deal with a particular company, adding that bidders from anywhere in the world, should all be manufacturers with experience in similar transport deals.

The agency said that the public must be advised of the initial price of the vehicles, while the calculation of the cost must strictly accord with the 1999 anti corruption code, further insisting that additional related information be incorporated when announcing the price.