MPH: Mercury level in seafood from markets in Rayong is safe for consumption


RAYONG, 22 Aug 2013, Ministry of Public Health has revealed that the level of Mercury in seafood obtained from fresh markets in Kalang and Baan Pae Sub-districts in Rayong Province is at normal level, ensuring the public that seafood from the province is safe for consumption in the following recent oil spill.

The statement came after the completion of the 2nd inspection conducted by the Ministry after the unfortunate incident.

According to Public Health Minister Dr. Pradit Sintavanarong, the contamination level of Mercury in seafood in the area did not exceed 0.5 milligrams per kilogram. The inspection, conducted last week, was the second of its kind since the completion of the big cleaning day. The test focused on 12 local marine wildlife such as shrimps, crabs, clams, squids and fish, particularly ‘Pristolepis fasciata,’ locally known as ‘PlaChangYieb’, which is commonly found in the coastal area.

Dr. Pradit said the findings indicated that seafood in Rayong Province is safe for consumption. However, test results on the levels of four other heavy metal chemicals are still pending, and are expected to be released next week. To ensure the safety of the public, the ministry will conduct tests more frequently in the future. Currently, the tests are performed twice a week.

The ministry will from next week start collecting urine samples from those participating in the cleaning operation and those residing in the areas near Ao Prao Beach, in order to make sure that they do not contract illnesses from chemicals from the crude.

Dr. Pradit said he has tasked Rayong, Maabtaput Hospitals and other hospitals under the Army’s and the Navy’s jurisdiction with examining the locals’ health, focusing on the liver, kidney, bone marrow and lung. The scheme would run periodically for 5 years, he added.