More than 400 slot machines and other gambling equipment seized


BANGKOK, 9 June 2014, – A combined force of military and police personnel have raided a house in Bangkhen District of Bangkok, seizing more than 400 items including slot machines, pinball machines, horse racing machines and other gambling equipment. 

The officials said the gambling venue was located in a rented house, in Soi Ramintra 23 of Bangkhen District. After receiving a tip-off on the location, a joint task force was quickly formed and a raid was conducted in accordance with Martial Law and the policies of the National Council for Peace and Order.

Along with the gambling machines, the officers also arrested two siblings identified as Mr. Mitr and Mr. Pralom Saoton who claimed to be the house’s caretakers.

The owner of the residence, Mr. Surachart Kongchai, who was promptly summoned to help inquiries, has denied any involvement in the operation

Currently the officials are looking for another suspect, Mr. Nakhon Polampol who reportedly rented the house from Mr. Surachart.

If found guilty, all individuals involved would be charged with importing illegal items into the kingdom, the authorities said, adding that meanwhile the confiscated machines will be stored in a military compound awaiting further investigation.