More deaths and injuries in heightened attacks on protesters


BANGKOK, Feb 24 – Terrorism and attacks against anti-government protesters, independent agencies and judicial bodies have escalated in the past 10 days, resulting in deaths and injuries, according to the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC).

Akanat Promphan, PDRC spokesman, said the Thaksin regime has been cornered and has no choice but to resort to violence against protesters, independent agencies, private organisations and the courts.

He cited the launching of an M79 grenade launcher into the Criminal Court on Ratchdapisek Road on Feb 15, shooting into the residence of Pramon Sutivong, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Organisation on Feb 17, an intrusion by Red Shirt radio broadcasters into the office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission to disrupt its investigation on rice corruption on Feb 21, the Red Shirt’s rally at the Civil Court to lay a wreath to protest the court on Feb 23, and an attempt to set fire to the clinic of National Human Rights Committee member Niran Pitakwatchara yesterday.

“These agencies are balancing the government’s administrative power which is controlled by the Thaksin regime. The intimidations and attacks are attempts to maintain the corrupt regime,” he said.

Mr Akanat said the PDRC would take care of injured people and families of victims in the bombing and shooting into PDRC demonstrators in Trat province on Saturday night.

He said PDRC protesters will split into two groups this morning, one heading for government offices to urge civil servants to stop working, and the other to a yet-to-be-announced destination to cut the financial supply of the Thaksin regime.