MOPH concerned about skin, gastrointestinal diseases at rally sites


BANGKOK, 29 January 2014  The Ministry of Public Health on Tuesday expressed concern over the possibility of protesters contracting skin and gastrointestinal diseases, and made suggestions on personal hygiene at rally sites.

Dr. Phonthep Siriwanarangsan, director-general of the Department of Health, suggested that protesters exercise good hygiene practices in the restrooms and while eating. He also said they should wear clothes that offer protection against the sun and stay hydrated. He added that sleeping gears and clothes should be cleaned, and a single undergarment should not be worn for days on end without washing, as doing so would promote growth of fungus. If access to water was difficult, rally-goers should carry alcohol gels to keep their hands clean.

Dr. Phonthep also said trash must be collected regularly, and leftover food should be disposed of in trash bags that are then sealed, in order to minimize the risk of contracting diseases from flies.