MOE asks petrol stations to prepare for effects of Bangkok shutdown


BANGKOK, 7 January 2014 The Ministry of Energy says it is prepared to handle situations concerning electricity and energy during the ‘Bangkok Shutdown’ next week. 

According to ministry permanent secretary Suthep Liemsiricharoen, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) will speedily move in and fix power outages that could be caused by the demonstrators. Should the demonstrators cut power to government venues, the MEA personnel will move in to reconnect power for homes that share the same power feed, provided the personnel can gain entry to the site.

Petrol and natural gas stations located in risky spots have been asked to step up security and to reschedule fuel delivery to daytime instead of at night. Fuel companies have also been asked to ensure adequate fuel reserves and to install CCTV cameras at important locations. Mr. Suthep said if the demonstrators shut down 20 intersections, 73 petrol stations, 21 LPG stations, and 7 NGV stations will be affected, based on the assumption that the radius of influence for each ‘shut down’ spot was 2 kilometers.