Ministries to discuss assistance plan for Thai workers in Libya, Iraq, Israel


BANGKOK, July 17 —  Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Labour will meet tomorrow to discuss assistance for Thai workers in Libya, Iraq and Israel on Friday.

Foreign Ministry’s Department of Information director general Sek Wannamethee said today that the Foreign Ministry Consular Affairs Department, the Labour Ministry and other concerned agencies would meet tomorrow to discuss help for Thai workers in Libya, Iraq and Israel as well as to prepare evacuation procedures following the Israeli military’s campaign in Gaza.

They will consider whether they need to coordinate with the Royal Thai Air Force and Thai Airways International in arranging aircraft for the evacuation.

Mr Sek said the authorities initially agreed that Jordan would be a suitable country for aircraft to land and bring Thai workers from Iraq and Israel back home.

However, there have so far been no requests from Thai workers in the three countries seeking to return to Thailand so far.

According to the foreign ministry, there are currently 1,450 Thai nationals in Libya, 48 in Iraq and 28,000 in Israel, all of whom are living outside clash areas.

The authorities will decide tomorrow if evacuation is necessary, as it depends on the daily situation and will be conducted voluntarily.