Metropolitan Police to clampdown on illegal parking


BANGKOK, August 15, 2014 – Starting August 18th, traffic police will clamp the wheels of all cars involved in parking violations.

Deputy Metropolitan Police Chief Pol Maj-Gen Adul Narongsak stated that the police would put wheel clamps on cars that park on prohibited spots throughout the country.

After a period of crackdown, Pol Maj-Gen Adul said there still have been cases where drivers parked their cars on restricted areas such as secondary roads and narrow lanes, causing inconveniences and traffic problems to commuters.

By next Monday, the police will intensify their effort by taking immediate action against drivers violating traffic laws on 90 major intersections throughout Bangkok.

Some of these laws include disallowing drivers to chat or text on their mobile phones, overtaking a vehicle at close range, wrong-way driving, and possessing a fake license plate.

The new crackdown is expected to resolve traffic problems and instill discipline into drivers in order to create a safe driving environment.