Medical teams set up to handle possible casualties during December 9 political rally


BANGKOK, 8 December 2013 The Ministry of Public Health has prepared 30 rescue teams ahead of political protests on December 9 and has reiterated to the teams to provide equal treatment to people from all sides of the conflict. 

Dr. Chirapong Suphasaowapak, Rescue Control and Operations Coordinator of the Public Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Forward Command, Ministry of Public Health, said that the ministry is working with relevant agencies to prepare rescue teams to assist potential casualties during political protests on December 9. The rescue teams are comprised of basic life support (BLS) and advanced life support (ALS) personnel from hospitals in Bangkok, vicinity provinces, and regional areas.

Rescue teams have been urged to carefully assess safety conditions while working in protest areas in order to ensure their own safety. The teams have been instructed to provide equal and accessible services to members of the public regardless of their sides. The Ministry of Public Health has prepared 30 field rescue teams, and 5 backup teams, as well as physicians trained in emergency medicine.