Locals in Prajuab Kirikhan show support for army officials


PRAJUAB KIRIKHAN 28 May 2014  — Locals in Prajuab Kirikhan province have shown support for the army as they have begun to receive their long-delayed payments under the rice pledging program.

Locals in Prajuab Kirikhan have reportedly been showing support to the army, thanking them for expediting the rice pledging scheme payments and helping other farmers nationwide. People in the province have also gathered together to show their appreciation, giving red roses as a gesture of gratitude to army personnel.

According to Ms. Tatsanee Suwannatat, a representative for the local farmers, she would like to thank the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) for disbursing the payments to farmers under the rice pledging program.

To date, 2,5424 farmers have been paid a combined total of 218 million baht from the state budget. Only 609 farmers remain unpaid, which accounts for 41 million baht altogether. The army officials have confirmed that all farmers in the province will be paid by May 31, 2014.