Lin Hui confirmed pregnant


BANGKOK, 10 January 2014 Lin Hui has finally been confirmed to be pregnant after an ultrasound test revealed a clear sign of an embryo growing in the panda. 

Chiang Mai Zoo’s head veterinarian Dr. Boripat Siriaroonrat, who leads the panda-breeding unit of the Zoological Park Organisation’s panda-research project, has confirmed that panda Lin Hui is pregnant.

An ultrasound test revealed that the panda indeed had an embryo growing inside of it; however, Dr. Boripat stated that it was not yet certain when the birth would take place, as panda gestation periods vary and births cannot accurately be predicted.

So far, Lin Hui was reported to be healthy and showing behaviors of a pregnant panda. Moreover, Thai officials will attempt to negotiate that the panda be given a 2 year extension to remain in Thailand.