Lamphun governor orders damage assessment after Chiang Rai quake


LAMPHUN 8 May 2014 — Lamphun governor has ordered officials in the province to assess damage caused by the quake which recently hit Chiang Rai province.

Lamphun Governor Suwan Klaosunthorn had a video conference with Interior Minister Jarupong Ruangsuwan yesterday. The conference was in regard to the damage the earthquake in Chiang Rai had caused in Lamphun province.

The Interior Minister has ordered provincial governors to act in the most responsive manner possible in the event of an earthquake or any other disaster. Moreover, earthquake drills will now be part of each province’s agenda in order to prepare for any other unforeseen events.

Meanwhile, Lumphun’s governor has also ordered local officials to assess damage caused by the quake in villages, schools, temples, and roads to ensure safety for local residents and that no buildings have been too damaged to be habitable.